Please Keep Your Birthday Cupcake Out of My Kids’ Classroom

Posted by “The Lunch Tray” blogger Bettina Elias Siegel

On my blog, The Lunch Tray, I went on record long ago opposing the time-honored custom of bringing sugary birthday treats into school classrooms.

But a few weeks ago, a reader named Concerned Dad left this comment.

I’ve addressed all of these arguments before in multiple contexts on The Lunch Tray and would refer interested readers to two posts in particular, “Sarah Palin and Birthday Sweets Redux” and “The Birthday Cupcake Debate Heats Up.”

But I did want to add a few thoughts to respond specifically to Concerned Dad.

First, I was struck by Concerned Dad’s confidence that severe allergic reactions to classroom treats are not a big issue. Because my kids are blessedly free of food allergies, I turned to a mother of a nut-allergic child who has fought hard for appropriate precautions at her daughter’s school.

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